The Photo's

Via this page all the pictures taken during the trip can be viewed. All 807 pictures taken are divided in separate sections from the start of my trip till the end. I published them all so you can see all pictures available for ordering in case you see pictures you like (either you're in it or you just like the picture). The target group in mind here are all the travellers I met during my trip (see ordering info below).

For an average viewer I can imagine that looking at 807 pictures can become boring very quickly. For these viewers I selected 96 pictures as a summary and attached a little comment to the pictures. Click here to view the summary.

Special pages

In Vietnam I met Gil. I recommend everyone to read about his experiences here.

When you are in Vietnam and you end up in Hue, this is where you book your motorbike tour to see the beautiful surroundings of Hue. Oost, West, Thu is Best!.

The all 807 pictures index

  1. The friends I left behind. From 24-11 till 26-11
    The bye bye drink and some family pictures

  2. First week Bangkok. From 27-11 till 2-12

  3. Chiang Mai. From 3-12 till 21-12
    Cooking course, Trekking, Surroundings of Chiang Mai, The doggy yet cool Viking bar

  4. Vietnam part I. From 22-12 till 05-01
    Halong Bay, Perfume Pagoda, Traffic chaos, New Years, Sapa

  5. Vietnam part II. From 06-01 till 21-01
    Hue, On Thu Wheels, Hoi An, Mekong Delta

  6. Beaching out in Thailand. From 22-01 till 04-03
    Meet the girl: Oraphan, Trip with Wendy, Open Water Scuba Diving course at Koh Tao, Holiday with Oraphan

  7. Diving Bida Noi, Koh Phi Phi. 01-03
    During my Advanced Open Water course these pictures are taken on a dive

  8. Singapore and Sydney. From 05-03 till 12-03
    Brief visits to these big cities

  9. Back in Bangkok with Oraphan (and friends) . From 13-03 till 20-03
    From Australia back in Bangkok (again), hanging out with the girl

  10. Indonesia part I. From 23-03 till 10-04
    Medan, Lake Toba, Pulau Nias, ferry to Jakarta, Jakarta, train to Bandung

  11. Indonesia part II. From 11-04 till 26-04
    Bandung, Papandayan volcano, Panangdaran, Bukit Tinggi, Equator

  12. Malaysia and back to Bangkok via Koh Samui. From 27-04 till 12-05
    Melaka, Taman Negara jungle, train journey Suratthani-Bangkok

  13. Australia. From 13-05 till 15-05
    First days in Cairns, staying with Nicky and Geoff

  14. Live aboard on Great Barrier Reef. From 16-05 till 18-05
    Snorkelling Norman Reef, Liveaboard life, Diving Hastings Reef. Visit Down Under Dive here

  15. The absolute last days. From 19-05 till 23-05
    Bungy jump, Final days, Flight back, Welcome at Schiphol


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