Cafe On Thu Wheels

The best way to see Hue

When you are in Hue, Vietnam, it is well worth to check out the beautiful surroundings of Hue and the historical sites in and around Hue. The best way to do this is via a motorbike tour booked at Cafe On Thu Wheels. Cafe On Thu Wheels is run by the lovely and energetic Thu. The guides for the tours are her funky brothers Mingh and Toàn.

The tours are fun and entertaining. You can either drive your own motorbike or hop on with the guide and sit back and relax. The tour takes you to the best sites around Hue:

  • Thien mu pagoda
  • Japanese bridge
  • Tu Hieu pagoda
  • The hill
  • Tu Duc's tomb

The tours are very affordable and, as supposed to others, Thu is very honest about additional entrance fees.

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Thu go or not Thu go, that's no question.     If you never go you never know.     Bananas and coconuts.     Oost, West, Thu is best.     Thu morrow, Thu morrow, I'll love you Thu morrow.     Make your Honda-Dream come true, get a motorbike at crazy Thu.

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