Great Barrier Reef

16-05 till 18-05

All pictures below are taken while joining a liveaboard trip. It was an excellent trip, next to the superb diving also very much because of the sound organization and professional and fun crew of Down Under Dive. They also take care of Wally, the Napoleon Maori Wrasse in picture 0972, and train him so you can play around with Wally while diving. If you do consider a diving holiday at the Great Barrier Reef I recommend you visit the Down Under Dive web site here

(no, I do not get paid to say this and the T-shirt was offered way before these slimy (but still sincere) remarks were added to the site).

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1069.JPG 1070.JPG 1072.JPG
1074.JPG 1075.JPG 1077.JPG
1079.JPG 1081.JPG 1082.JPG
1084.JPG 1086.JPG 1088.JPG
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