Round the world in 6 months


I used this page during my travel to Asia and Australia from november 2001 till may 2002. This was the original content of this page:

OK, so I'm not in the Netherlands for a while. Sorry employers, sorry headhunters, I'm doing my own thing for about 6 months. In june 2002 you can try to get me to work for you (credentials can be found here).

I'll be travelling through Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Click here for the flight plan.

If I have time I will update you via this web page about what's happening to and with me. Please note that I will be using internet cafe's to update my web site. This means I don't expect to be able to use to many fancy HTML-editors and will be using plain text editors. As I luckily don't know too much HTML code by heart, don't expect too many fancy stuff like Flash, DHTML, animations and pictures. It will be just plain text telling about my experiences. I will send e-mails around if something new happens on this page

I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences, I know I'll enjoy it.


Commercial and administrative remarks

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The same mechanism allows me to easily enter postings via the web. Here's my link to enter postings, stay away from it, it's only for me, you won't be able to hack the password anyway. There's no use for you to know this, it's just that I'm lazy and want a hyperlink into my administrative system.

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