This page is probably the only serious part of this web site. On this page you can read a bit about me in a professional way: what do I, professional background, experience etcetera.

Profession Client Manager, Solution Architect, Consultant
Title Bachelor of Science Office automation
Date of birth December 1967
Nationality Dutch
City of residence The Hague, Netherlands
Languages Dutch (native), English (fluent), German (conversational)

Education: Office automation; specialization within the faculty of Informatics and Information Science at the The Hague School for Higher Education. To give a brief idea of the content of this education, here's the partial curriculum:

Business administration, Communication skills, Databases, Documentary information systems, Economics, Information planning, Office automation, Quality of information systems, Marketing, Methods and techniques of system development, Operating systems, Automation and organizational change, Programming languages, Project Management, Informatics and law, Social aspects of information technology, Descriptive statistics, Telematics, Mathematics.

For 13 years I have applied this knowledge to provide solutions to the customers of the software vendors I worked for. Although the job titles were slightly different, the jobs were always about working on the intersection of technology and commerce: assist the Sales Executive in selling the solution. It's not so strange I like this role as my main asset is the ability to explain technical complex matters in an understandable way and present it in a commercial way.

Extensive experience is gained in selling software to all types of organizations: Government (both central and local), Financial institutions, Trade, Transport and Industry (including Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry), Telecom and Health care. The sales experience is obtained in multiple functional areas: Finance, Human resources, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Production, several specific primary processes of prospects and last but not least the IT department. For every company I worked for, partners were very important so selling to partners is a known area as well.

The technology-experience package consists of (among others):

Companies worked for:

Business: Business Intelligence & Corporate Performance Management


2002 - 2006: Client Manager, Solution Architect

1996 - 2000: Consultant, Trainer and Senior Pre-sales consultant


Business: Web content Management.

Position (2000 - 2001): Sales Consultant


Business: Service Management

Position (1993 - 1996): Product Manager


The above provides a lot of facts, but why do you want me to work for you? One thing is that apparantly I'm good at my job: so far all of the employers did not want me to leave and asked me to reconsider my decision when I told them it was time to move on. In addition the following words provide a little insight in my personality:

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